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Sport Testing Inc. has been a leading provider of sport specific player testing and a developer of athletic assessment technologies since its inception. We deliver professional and superior athlete analysis using our distinguished equipment for the most accurate and consistent results. Combined with world-class technologies, like our Sport Gate and Sport ID hardware which are completely engineered and designed in-house, athletes and coaches are able to reflect on essential skills going forward. Along with our data capture tools including Sport Hub and Athlete Manager, our solution is capable of managing tasks for a variety of drills associated to a wide array of activities.

Sport Testing’s standardized tests allows operators the flexibility to use our predetermined test protocols or to create your own tests for your own requirements. With efficient data and connectivity tools, players and coaches are able to work closely towards accomplishing goals and developing careers at every level. Our professional event management allows for smooth and efficient testing that strives for excellence by providing state-of-the-art services for our clients. Use it for research, identifying talent, measuring performance and more. Now you can deliver meaningful metrics to your athletes faster and easier than ever. Build better teams, help athletes improve and get the winning edge with Sport Testing.

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