Take advantage of the $100B youth sports, health and professional sport leagues industries using the proven and scalable Sport Testing business model. Utilize our global network, support system, 24/7 customer service and certification process to acquire an IMMEDIATE RETURN ON INVESTMENT opportunity. Sport Testing provides business owners with the technology to accumulate real data that is extremely valuable to local schools, hospitals, athletic clubs and sporting organizations. Leverage our NCAA certified global database to improve youth athletes or provide data to combat childhood obesity, it’s YOUR CHOICE. Our solution is adaptable and mobile to allow you the freedom, sophistication and technology to accomplish your dreams and goals, while helping others do the same. As you grow, have the ability to scale with multiple locations with full marketing, education, technology and training support from Sport Testing. Be the data Certified Authority and make a difference in your community and allow everyone to KNOW WHERE YOU STAND.


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  • Use our state-of-the-art connectivity tools to create ancillary revenue streams

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